The advanced solution.

VULCOM Appliance

External and internal checks.
Local data management and team support.

Review your security at a glance.


Detailed and up-to-date overview of the security of your company


  • Regular vulnerability scans are self-configurable or administered as a managed service by experts
  • Management of all vulnerabilities and their status directly in the web interface
  • Involve the entire team to solve risks together
  • Hosting is fully possible within your own organisation so that you can keep control of your vulnerability data

Understandable description of vulnerabilities and recommendations


  • Vulnerability descriptions are broken down to support both the general understanding for the management and the technical depth for system administrators
  • Tips for administrations to check results on their own using open source tools
  • Practical and constantly updated recommendations to minimize the effort required to remedy the situation

Open platform with integration option for 3rd party software


  • VULCOM Appliance allows the integration of any scanner and provides independence from scanner manufacturers
  • Our API allows the easy integration of own scripts tailored to the internal environment
  • Further connections to ticketing systems with feedback from the ticketing system
  • Secure login capabilities with the support of SAML, MS ADFS and 2FA

Remedying the causes instead of the consequences by prioritizing via root cause analysis


  • Similar problems with the same approach are aggregated in the same vulnerability information
  • Tracking of vulnerability results over time allows you to work out fundamental problems
  • Support from consultants from HACKNER Security Intelligence for further analysis

Flexible use in complex environments


  • Automated real-time management of worldwide distributed scanners possible
  • Import and integration of manual scans on mobile devices possible
  • Integration of own scan engines for critical environments (e.g. critical infrastructures) possible
  • Hosting in your own company is possible to process vulnerable data locally

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