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The company behind the product

VULCOM is developed by HACKNER Security Intelligence GmbH, a company specialized in performing high-quality security checks. The company was founded in 2010 to extend the range of IT security to social engineering and physical.

We are proud to be one of the first companies in the services industry to have introduced holistic Red Team Assessments to the European market and to help shape the latest trends in vulnerability information processing in software development.

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The development of VULCOM

In consulting we already worked on an opportunity for our customers to be able to find easily identifiable vulnerabilities independently. The use of existing vulnerability scanners was ideally suited for this purpose. However, many companies struggled with the evaluation of those tools and their results.

This was the birth of VULCOM. Our goal was a system that could combine the benefits of automated security checks and the ease of manual penetration testing reporting. This not only increased the efficiency of tests, but also cut costs on the customer side.

Monitoring of results over longer periods

Another goal that we wanted to address quickly was the lack of tracking of vulnerability results over time by existing vulnerability scanners.

For the first time, VULCOM was not only able to look at the results of individual scan runs, but also to evaluate their development over several scans. In some companies this replaced the previous tracking in Excel.

Integration of results of arbitrary scanners

In order to be able to actually use the advantage of the employment of different vulnerability scanners, no additional expenditure had to arise for customers.

With the new release of VULCOM it was not only possible to incorporate vulnerability scanners in a modular way, but also to summarize the results so that the customer could always work independently of the scanners with the same results. The details and advantages of the scanner software were linked and remained with the customers.

Adaptation of the texts following the model of manual reports

From the beginning, a cornerstone of VULCOM's success was that VULCOM was able to create a simple understanding of the problems and identified weaknesses, document them comprehensibly and give precise recommendations.

Our requirement was that the texts from VULCOM should not be qualitatively different from those of manual reports. Thus, after an initial text creation phase, all texts have been reworked to achieve the desired level of quality.

Release of VULCOM SaaS

In addition to the already successful operation of VULCOM at our existing customers, VULCOM SaaS was presented to the public for the first time.

This moment was a big milestone. The first feedback was great and for the first time we were also able to incorporate requests from a larger base of corporate customers directly into the further development of VULCOM, including the desire to increasingly use VULCOM in internal networks in the future.

Release of VULCOM Appliance

In line with our commitment to quality, the entire development team was entrusted with the development of an appliance. The result was an easy to install virtual machine in the customer’s network, which can be operated by the customer himself and is constantly supplied with updates by us.

After a year of development, we were able to introduce the VULCOM Appliance. For the first time it offered customers the option of not running all the vulnerability scan results via the SaaS platform but keep them within their own network, so they would keep control of their vulnerability data.

Fundamental improvements to the texts

With customer feedback, numerous enhancements have been incorporated into VULCOM products, including the ability to leverage SSO mechanisms, such as SAML or MS ADFS, to make it easier for internal colleagues to be integrated in the internal vulnerability management process.

A main focus was also on a further improvement of the texts, which were now available in both German and English. With the experience of recent years, these have been further revised in terms of understanding and simple recommendations for customers.

Release of VULCOM Insurance

In cooperation with insurance companies and risk experts, we have developed a platform that enables insurance companies and their customers to identify realistic risks for the company.

With VULCOM Insurance, scans can be made to assess the security awareness of companies with minimal effort. In addition, we offer a concept that is unique on the market, enabling us to use extended audits to make specific statements on the vulnerability to attacks from the Internet or the internal network, as well as phishing and organizational issues. This makes us one of the most comprehensive solutions for cyber insurances on the market.

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